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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Compiling sysbench on WSL and SmartOS

As I noted in https://github.com/akopytov/sysbench/issues/102
( joyent_20161013T025521Z) in a native zone (base-64-lts 16.4.0), required:

#pkgin install automake make gcc libtool gcc49 pkg-config gmake

Windows Subsystem for Linux:
Current Windows 10 Pro (1607, build 14393.693).

Already had GCC installed and who knows what else, needed packages:
apt-get install autoconf libtool pkg-config libmysqlclient-dev

Both of these are using current from a straight "git clone https://github.com/akopytov/sysbench.git",
 version is "sysbench 1.1.0-2343e4b (using bundled LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta2)". I've just tried CPU test as a quick sanity check for now.

So thank you to whoever did the configure/make scripts in such a way as to be more portable. (Probably for supporting Oracle/Solaris back in the day.)

Monday, November 14, 2016

SmartOS native zone rename

SmartOS hostname rename:

(from Bob to Alice)

vmadm get 12345678-e0fa-c099-b6f0-ead8e357826d | grep bob
"alias": "bob",
  "hostname": "bob-server",
vmadm update 12345678-e0fa-c099-b6f0-ead8e357826d hostname=alice-server
vmadm update 12345678-e0fa-c099-b6f0-ead8e357826d alias=alice

To actually rename, within the zone, edit:

/etc/hostname.[interface]  (e.g. /etc/hostname.net0)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Solaris(h) OS link love

I'm picking my way through the "Solarish" and BSD world, looking for something cleaner than Linux, but with ZFS/DTRACE goodness, and has to support both OS virtualization (probably KVM) and containers. (Docker support is a bonus.) For myself and to bump those google scores up oh-so-slightly so that others might find them:

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Managing Windows Server Core without a domain.

Testing out "Hyper-V Server", which is the free version of Server Core with the Hyper-V role pre-installed.

After re-installing the RSAT package (thanks to the November Win10 update removing/ignoring my previous install), discovered that Server Manager wouldn't play nice: "WinRM Negotiate authentication error". Several forum searches pointed to various bits of Voodoo, but none of them worked. (Were some of them needed or contributed? Who knows...who needs change management on a home server, right? Riiiigggght.

 Finally, found via this post, it's actually in the official documentation:

Set-Item wsman:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts ServerHostname -Concatenate -Force

(Note this is with 2012R2, I haven't tried with 2016 yet, as the upgrade UI eventually displays a blank screen that is non-responsive.)

Monday, August 10, 2015

BTSync codes

This is more for myself, but folks are welcome to use them if they find it useful. (The more nodes, the faster! Just running on a couple desktops for now, will be adding to home router/server/nas later.) The shared links are, of course, read-only.

I've been using BittorrentSync since it was in 1.x beta, great to keep a collection of files (say, troubleshooting utils, patches, ISO's, whatever) locally accessible at various locations and only updated once.


First up is my collection of "Live" window utils - just the things I find myself always wishing for/downloading, or a couple obscure ones. Currently just under 300 megs, it's very nice to have on phone with you. (Provided you keep a USB cable handy!)

Using their kinda-obtuse link system:

And the QR for phone funsies. (I've put a copy of the code in the folder itself. SyncCeption!)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Deltacopy rsync installer script for Windows.

From the readme:

Rsync is good. BackupPC is good. Rsync on Windows is...not so good. We (small-ish IT department) decided on using the DeltaCopy version of rsync (still using Cygwin) to allow our BackupPC server(s) to backup our windows clients. It's fairly quick'n dirty but works well enough for our purposes.

I've posted it on bitbucket in all it's "glory".  (https://bitbucket.org/TechMonkey/backuppcwinclient) Of course folks are welcome to submit patches, suggest changes and the like, but this is mostly an exercise in version control...