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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Deltacopy rsync installer script for Windows.

From the readme:

Rsync is good. BackupPC is good. Rsync on Windows is...not so good. We (small-ish IT department) decided on using the DeltaCopy version of rsync (still using Cygwin) to allow our BackupPC server(s) to backup our windows clients. It's fairly quick'n dirty but works well enough for our purposes.

I've posted it on bitbucket in all it's "glory".  (https://bitbucket.org/TechMonkey/backuppcwinclient) Of course folks are welcome to submit patches, suggest changes and the like, but this is mostly an exercise in version control...

WEI/WinSAT on Windows 10 - D3D score is bogus.

Most of us know the Windows Experience Index was removed from the GUI in Win 8, and many are familiar with calculating/getting the scores from many posts like this one.

 I can rarely remember the steps (I prefer to open admin powershell, then "winsat formal", and then "Get-WmiObject Win32_WinSAT")

Something I noticed according to this Win32_WinSAT class entry:

"After Windows 8.1, WinSAT no longer assess the three-dimensional graphics (gaming) capabilities of the computer and the graphics driver's ability to render objects and execute shaders using this assessment. For compatibility, WinSAT report sentinel values for the metrics and scores, however these are not calculated in real time."

 Indeed, on a decent older-desktop with a Radeon 4670, it returns a 9.9 for D3D:

CPUScore : 5.3
D3DScore : 9.9
DiskScore : 5.9
GraphicsScore : 6.2
MemoryScore : 5.4
TimeTaken : MostRecentAssessment
WinSATAssessmentState : 1
WinSPRLevel : 5.3

Just another tidbit/gotcha to be aware of.