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Monday, August 10, 2015

BTSync codes

This is more for myself, but folks are welcome to use them if they find it useful. (The more nodes, the faster! Just running on a couple desktops for now, will be adding to home router/server/nas later.) The shared links are, of course, read-only.

I've been using BittorrentSync since it was in 1.x beta, great to keep a collection of files (say, troubleshooting utils, patches, ISO's, whatever) locally accessible at various locations and only updated once.


First up is my collection of "Live" window utils - just the things I find myself always wishing for/downloading, or a couple obscure ones. Currently just under 300 megs, it's very nice to have on phone with you. (Provided you keep a USB cable handy!)

Using their kinda-obtuse link system:

And the QR for phone funsies. (I've put a copy of the code in the folder itself. SyncCeption!)

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