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Monday, November 14, 2016

SmartOS native zone rename

SmartOS hostname rename:

(from Bob to Alice)

vmadm get 12345678-e0fa-c099-b6f0-ead8e357826d | grep bob
"alias": "bob",
  "hostname": "bob-server",
vmadm update 12345678-e0fa-c099-b6f0-ead8e357826d hostname=alice-server
vmadm update 12345678-e0fa-c099-b6f0-ead8e357826d alias=alice

To actually rename, within the zone, edit:

/etc/hostname.[interface]  (e.g. /etc/hostname.net0)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Solaris(h) OS link love

I'm picking my way through the "Solarish" and BSD world, looking for something cleaner than Linux, but with ZFS/DTRACE goodness, and has to support both OS virtualization (probably KVM) and containers. (Docker support is a bonus.) For myself and to bump those google scores up oh-so-slightly so that others might find them: